My cat purrs nonstop. Even if she is just sitting down she will purr all the time. Is there anything I can do about that? Plz help

Cats purr for many different reasons, often because they are content and happy. Sometimes though the purring is a sign of anxiety, illness or stress, especially if accopmplanied by drooling or a body posture of ears flattened. Scientists still don't know what part of the brain controls purring but the sound is made by air passing through the vocal chords  at a frequency of about 25Hz .

Researcher Elizabeth von Muggenthaler of the Fauna Communications Research Institute in North Carolina (FCRI) is a specialist in the field of bioacoustics. This is the study of the frequency, pitch, loudness, and duration of animal sounds related to their behavior. She was one of the first to pull several strands of research together, and propose that felines do gain evolutionary healing advantages from the purr.

Many experts theorize that the 25 Hz frequency of the cat’s purr might offer a kind of built-in physical therapy. It’s probably no accident that this frequency is also used in humans to help wounds heal faster,

So your cat may be content , attention seeeking or trying to make itself "better" !


Hi elev8 my dog hooch keeps digging holes in the garden.  My Mum is getting really angry so I have to cover up for him by saying my sister got a shovel and was showing off to her
friends and dug a hole. She did once but please help I can't keep it up any longer. PLEASE HELP!! 

Digging problems: The most pet-friendly garden solution here is to consider giving an unrepentant canine digger  a digging pit. Dig in to the ground a plastic container no smaller than a washing up bowl and fill it with fine sand. On the surface of the sand place favourite toys or pieces of food. Encourage your dog to look there and reward when he goes to the pit. Now you can begin to half bury the toys etc. and make the dog dig out these toys. Once the dog ha learnt this then you can  fully bury his belongings  in the sand; why would your dog wish to dig in hard clay and find nothing when it can dig in soft sand and be guaranteed to find something ?

Pesky Pets and problems in greater detail

Pesky Pets  and problems in greater detail

Dogs with an ear infection are noticeably unhappy. It is likely that your dog will often react when you touch his ears if he has an ear infection.

Another sign your dog may have an ear infection is if he seems off balance when walking. This is usually accompanied by head tilting, itching and head shaking. Head shaking can damage the sensitive ear tissue and cause blood-filled blisters to develop.

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