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May 7th 

Dog scratching his ears

There are many signs of a dog ear infection including:

  • Discharge from the ears is usually black and chunky or yellow in color. The discharge can also contain blood.
  • Excessive scratching, rubbing or head shaking. Head tilting is also common in dog ear infection symptoms.
  • Redness and swelling most noticeable in the inner ear flap or canal of the ear.
  • Abnormal eye movements left and right
  • An unusual smell coming from your dogs ear
An infected ear

An infected ear

Dogs with an ear infection are noticeably unhappy. It is likely that your dog will often react when you touch his ears if he has an ear infection.

Another sign your dog may have an ear infection is if he seems off balance when walking. This is usually accompanied by head tilting, itching and head shaking. Head shaking can damage the sensitive ear tissue and cause blood-filled blisters to develop.

Your dog may have a bacterial infection , ear mites or  allergy. It is best to to go to the vet for treatment which is usually anti-fungal ointment or antibiotic  drops put into the ears

Cleaning the outer ear

Cleaning the outer ear

Cleaning the ears at home 

  • Soak the cotton balls or swab in an ear cleansing solution.
  • Pull the pinna or flap outward.
  • With care put the swab or ball in the ear and apply pressure at the base of the ear. Avoid moving cotton balls deeper in ear

    Cotton can be Used to Remove Discharge 
    from the Inner Side of the Ear Flap

  • Q – Tips or a finger can be used to clean the outer ear completely and then remove the swab from ear.
  • Repeat this procedure at least 3x and try to completely dry the cleansing solution.
  • Allow the dog to shake itself to dry the ear as it will help in preventing  the ear becoming too moist and causing more problems.